Formula Drift Round 4 – New Jersey – June 26-27, 2015

Wall Stadium Speedway; a high-banked, short oval tucked in the quiet Wall Township in New Jersey. Once a year, Formula Drift comes to town and turns this quiet oval speedway into a fast paced smoke show. Wall Stadium demands respect, as it’s not unusual to see her chew up cars and spit them out without forgiveness when drivers temp that old, battered steel barrier.

Top Drift Round 3 Event Quickie and Gallery – June 20, 2015

The 100+ degree heat didn’t seem to affect the action out at Willow Springs International Raceway for the third round of Just Drift’s FD licensing series, Top Drift, this past weekend. Braving the blazing sun until the evening brought cooler temperatures, the 2 day event was well attended by drivers, and enough spectators came out to make it a show.

Whiskey Garage Drift Series Round 2 – May 15, 2015

Round 2 of the Whiskey Garage Drift Series was a tough round for the competitors, but a very interesting and exciting evening for the diehard drifting fans of Albuquerque, NM. The perfect springtime weather leading up to the event had everyone chomping at the bit to get back to the track, but the day of … Read moreWhiskey Garage Drift Series Round 2 – May 15, 2015

When It Rains: The Formula Drift Pro2 Championship Round 1 at Orlando Speedworld – June 5-6, 2015

The old adage goes that in Florida, when you just start getting used to the weather, it will change. That was no exception for the first round of the Formula Drift Pro 2 Championship at Orlando Speedworld June 5-6, 2015. While the second tier drivers qualified in the dry, Mother Nature had other plans and would test the skills of newcomers and veterans alike. It would also be the first test of a brand new track for the Formula Drift Championships. While you’d like to think those with years of experience would end up on top, turns out the rookies would have something for them, and a driver that earned his license in a series that never experienced rain would take the win.

Southwest Drift Series Round 3 – May 30, 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve been to a Vegas Drift event in the parking lot of Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The last time we hooked up with Vegas Drift that wasn’t on the outside road course, or Phoenix, was when we rolled out for Vegas ProAm Round 3 back in 2012. Needless to say, we were pretty excited to revisit the old school venue that we haven’t seen for a very long time.