2014 Top Drift Round 2 – May 25, 2014

With all the crazy running around with Formula Drift and hitting Vegas ProAm every round, we were excited and felt a little refreshment when we kept it at home this past weekend with our home series, Top Drift at Willow Springs Raceway. Top Drift Round 2 on Horsethief Mile is likely the favorite round for regulars to drive, due to the track choice being extremely popular because of its fun and technical nature. It is however, not a beginner friendly track, so we knew drivers would have to drive hard and smart to advance into a winning position at this round.

Formula Drift Atlanta Qualifying Results – May 9, 2014

Qualifying was wet. When we say wet, we mean probably the most rainfall that we have ever shot anything in. Being at Road Atlanta, which is a real race track with grass edges, the track quickly turned into an ice rink with spots of slick mud. In our opinion, a wet track really ruins competition drifting for us…not that it lacks skill to control a car in the wet, but because there is no smoke in the rain, and that’s half of what makes the sport fun! But, given the lack of dry conditions, it was interesting, sometimes hilarious, to watch the great Formula Drift drivers attempt to put together some good qualifying scores.