2014 Top Drift Round 2 – May 25, 2014

With all the crazy running around with Formula Drift and hitting Vegas ProAm every round, we were excited and felt a little refreshment when we kept it at home this past weekend with our home series, Top Drift at Willow Springs Raceway. Top Drift Round 2 on Horsethief Mile is likely the favorite round for regulars to drive, due to the track choice being extremely popular because of its fun and technical nature. It is however, not a beginner friendly track, so we knew drivers would have to drive hard and smart to advance into a winning position at this round.


_MG_8649As always, Top Drift and other ProAm events keep it fun and everybody is there to have fun between short periods of being serious. Drifting is the best driving sport for people who don’t take life too serious and know how to have a great time.


dk2014tdr4-106Round 2 did not seem to have as large of an attendance as Round 1, but it was completely sold out to drivers. Top Drift has been successfully filling spots to the max. Some drivers want a shot at professional drifting, but many are just there for a good time.


_MG_8636Speaking of having a good time, Taka Aono was all smiles at Round 2.


dk2014tdr4-98Before qualifying, drivers had some good practice and shake down runs up on the hill. Everybody looked strong, so we were excited to see what kind of runs drivers would lay down, and the points the judges would award.


Qualifying (position, driver, score)


dk2014tdr4-471. Mike Bolanos – 266


dk2014tdr4-1672. Spike Chen – 253


dk2014tdr4-1233. Adas Baksys – 248


_MG_89114. Donovan Brockway – 247


dk2014tdr4-255. Matt Madrigali – 243


dk2014tdr4-866. Rob Webber – 241


_MG_89047. Adam Levi – 240


dk2014tdr4-1558. Dan Burkett – 239.5


dk2014tdr4-2019. Austin Sager – 239


dk2014tdr4-14410. Jesse Vargas – 237


dk2014tdr4-17711. Blake Olsen – 234


dk2014tdr4-5512. Zach MacGillivray – 229


_MG_881613. Joe Tardiff – 227


dk2014tdr4-7714. Aj Rubio – 226


dk2014tdr4-7315. Randy Ramos – 224.5


dk2014tdr4-20416. Trent Beechum – 224


dk2014tdr4-17917. Shaun Doom – 223


dk2014tdr4-13218. Jason Kim – 222


dk2014tdr4-7419. Darin Burgess – 219


dk2014tdr4-11920. Tyler Page-Howell – 218


_MG_883221. Pablo Cabrera – 217


_MG_868722. Daniel Covarrubias – 215


dk2014tdr4-12123. Alex Heilbrunn – 214


dk2014tdr4-20024. Christopher Jones – 213


_MG_847225. Cody Sarem – 202


_MG_874726. Daniel Kuo – 201


dk2014tdr4-20227. Mitchell Tan – 195


dk2014tdr4-12828. Adam Knapik – 194


dk2014tdr4-11229. Russel Baldwin – 192


_MG_906430. Matt Dale – 191


dk2014tdr4-18531. George Marstanovic – 184


dk2014tdr4-16532. Vladimir Coronado – 180


dk2014tdr4-17533. Mikey Mancuso – 0


_MG_888734. Charlie Matthis – 0


dk2014tdr4-12635. Adolfo Ramirez – 0


_MG_873536. Masashi Motonaga – 0


37. Brad Hornecker – 0 (no photo)


dk2014tdr4-6938. Andrew Gates – 0


dk2014tdr4-6539. Denise Llamas – 0


_MG_896440. Angel Chavez – 0


dk2014tdr4-17341. Taku Yamamoto – 0


dk2014tdr4-842. Brian Page-Howell – 0


43. Abe Cruz – 0 (no photo)


dk2014tdr4-744. Calvin Cheung – 0


dk2014tdr4-1445. Joey Dawson – 0


dk2014tdr4-946. Domenic Rotondo -0


dk2014tdr4-208Top Drift has some of the best judges with a thorough understanding of everything having to do with drifting. Taka Aono, Justin Pawlak, and Hiro Sumida have years of experience in drifting, and put all their knowledge into making the most fair judgement calls possible.


dk2014tdr4-209The 2014 Top Drift Round 2 Top 16. From left, Mike Bolanos, Randy Ramos, Aj Rubio, Adas Baksys, Adam Levi, Austin Sager, Jesse Vargas, Joe Tardiff, Blake Olsen, Spike Chen, Dan Burkett, Rob Webber, Zach MacGillivray, Matt Madrigali, Donovan Brockway, and Trent Beechum.


TOP 16


_MG_9127Mike Bolanos vs Trent Beechum – Mike Bolanos


dk2014tdr4-213Dan Burkett vs Austin Sager – Dan Burkett


dk2014tdr4-217Donovan Brockway vs Joe Tardiff – Donovan Brockway


_MG_9199Matt Madrigali vs Zach MacGillivray – Matt Madrigali


dk2014tdr4-226Spike Chen vs Randy Ramos – Spike Chen


dk2014tdr4-235Jesse Vargas vs Adam Levi – Jesse Vargas


dk2014tdr4-242Adas Baksys vs Aj Rubio – Adas Baksys


dk2014tdr4-245Rob Webber – Blake Olsen – Rob Webber


Great 8


dk2014tdr4-254Dan Burkett vs Mike Bolanos – Dan Burkett


dk2014tdr4-259Donovan Brockway vs Matt Madrigali – Donovan Brockway


_MG_9275Spike Chen vs Jesse Vargas – Spike Chen


_MG_9291Adas Baksys vs Rob Webber – Adas Baksys


Final 4


dk2014tdr4-277Donovan Brockway vs Dan Burkett – Donovan Brockway


dk2014tdr4-269Spike Chen vs Adas Baksys – Spike Chen


Battle for 3rd


_MG_9373Dan Burkett vs Adas Baksys – Dan Burkett


Battle for 1st


_MG_9395Spike Chen vs Donovan Brockway – Spike Chen


_MG_9447The 2014 Top Drift Round 2 podium.
1st – Spike Chen
2nd – Donovan Brockway
3rd – Dan Burkett


_MG_9468With that, Top Drift Round 2 is in the history books. With 2 rounds remaining, Spike Chen continues to dominate the Top Drift series, but also very close to taking lead in Vegas ProAm at 10 points below leader Brandon Patterson. Vegas ProAm is only a few days away. Will Spike sweep both series?


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