The Return of Drift Buffet

Drift Buffet was created by Terry Henderson and Brian Rielly. In its prime, Drift Buffet attracted popular drivers such as Pat Mordaunt, Jeff Jones, Ryan Litteral, Matt Powers, Tommy Roberts, Cody Parkhouse, and Cyrus Martinez…just to name a few. Forrest Wang even came to one of the events. So what killed such a great organization that provided a safe place for drivers to have a lot of fun? Support started lacking, spectator count was down, and driver count started dropping too low to have competitions at the time. August 2007 was the last competition.

Jef Groff Action

One thing I find really cool about drifting besides the cars and the smoke and the tandems, are the places they’re built. Now that I have a camera, I find absolutely no problem with barging into a shop to take some photos of the vehicles being prepped for carnage, provided I know the people of course. That took me out to North Hollywood to see my buddy Jef Groff. I met this cool dude in Top Drift this year and absolutely fell in love with his car. Working around a BMW all year sort of gave me a soft spot for them, and for good reason too!