Top Drift Limited Round 1 – April 24, 2016

The 3 weeks before the opening of the 2016 Top Drift Limited season was extremely busy. With Golden Gate Drift, Formula Drift, and the Grand Prix of Long Beach holding their events back to back, one weekend after another, my butt was kicked and all I wanted to do is hang with friends and shoot for fun. Last weekend, Just Drift kicked off the 2016 Top Drift Limited season with Round 1 at Willow Springs Raceway. The event was exactly what I needed to unwind and enjoy the purest form of drifting that a competition event could provide.

Super Drift Challenge at the Grand Prix of Long Beach – April 15-17, 2016

In 2013, it was announced that Formula Drift would be running an evening event on the drift course the series lays rubber on the weekend before, and I was totally ecstatic. The invitational event was called the Motegi Racing Super Drift Challenge, and large purse of $25,000 was up for grabs by the event’s top finishers who worked their way up through a tournament bracket based on the qualifying results of night 1. Fast cars all day and drifting at night in the gorgeous Southern California beach city of Long Beach, the closest thing to Monaco that most of us regular folk will ever get. There are many visually appealing evening events on the Formula Drift schedule, but Long Beach is extra special to the eyes under lights. It’s a treat, and it only happens for 2 nights a year.

A Spectators View – Formula Drift Long Beach – April 9, 2016

The Formula Drift 2016 season just started, and I cannot wait to spectate it again for another year. I wasn’t sure if going Long Beach was a good idea because of the rain. While I was watching the first day from the livestream at home, I saw lots of crashes and lots of debates on the track condition itself. I wasn’t sure if I should go because it might rain a lot more. You just never know what Mother Nature has in store. I didn’t want to get soaked and watch slow drifting, then drive 4 hours home. I wasn’t sure if there was going to be any cool stuff showing up at the car show, vendors, and other stuff. Well, I decided to go and spectate anyway, and take the chance that if it stopped raining when I got there, it would become super bad ass, and hopefully have no regrets since I bought the tickets a month and a half early to get the best seating.

Formula Drift Round 1 – Long Beach – April 8-9, 2016

The 2016 Formula Drift season has officially begun! The first round of the season was only a few days ago, but we still haven’t gotten over how crazy it was on the Streets of Long Beach. Everything from rain, crashes, and upsets… if it could happen, it happened. The results are in and we have them for you! Drop on in and enjoy our report and gallery of Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach.

Jeff Jones Racing 2016 Livery Press Release

Big news out of The Jeff Jones Racing team of Formula Drift USA. Jeff Jones has a new title sponsor for the 2016 FD season, doc Energizing Drink. doc is an energizing soda with a powerful pepper taste that’s crafted for renegades and enjoyed by all. If you want to grab a doc and go rouge, you can stop by and say what’s up to the team in Long beach, CA this weekend. Jeff Jones Racing has also teamed up with a few new sponsors: Action Clutch Technology, CPR Engines, and Sticker City who laid down the beautiful wrap. Jeff Jones Racing also wants to thank their long-time supporting sponsors who will be returning for the 2016 season: Traklite Wheels, Turbo By Garrett, Brian Crower, CP-Carillo, Drift Knuckles, and Sinister Designs. Finally, Jeff Jones Racing racing has launched a brand new website,, along with a grand opening of the Jeff Jones Racing drift modification shop in Sun Valley, CA. If all that was not enough, the team has also launched a Drift 101 video series with new videos every month.