Club Loose – Fall Moves – October 4, 2014

Flashback to a few weeks ago, Tuesday September 30. My wife and I were somewhere over Texas on a Jet Blue flight heading to New York to handle some business. I was facebooking via free wifi, bored, scrolling through upcoming events. “Fall Moves” at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on October 4th comes up. I thought to myself, anything called “_____ Moves” is a Club Loose event. With nothing but time to burn, I checked out the event location in relation to where we were going to be, and it was only 2 hours away.

Club Loose II Season Opener – Midvale , Ohio – May 12, 2013

Club Loose II, run by John Wagner and Jimmie Caldwell at Midvale Speedway Ohio, is an extension of the Club Loose that is dedicated to South western PA / Western Ohio / North West Virgina amateur drifters. The majority of the drifters come from Pittsburgh and Ohio, and were previously drifting up at Beaverun Motorsports … Read moreClub Loose II Season Opener – Midvale , Ohio – May 12, 2013