Club Loose – Fall Moves – October 4, 2014

Flashback to a few weeks ago, Tuesday September 30. My wife and I were somewhere over Texas on a Jet Blue flight heading to New York to handle some business. I was facebooking via free wifi, bored, scrolling through upcoming events. “Fall Moves” at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on October 4th comes up. I thought to myself, anything called “_____ Moves” is a Club Loose event. With nothing but time to burn, I checked out the event location in relation to where we were going to be, and it was only 2 hours away. I clicked “going”. Before I checked with the wife, which would be a good idea because 3000 miles from home is a long way to travel with your spouse just to run off and do your own thing, I hit up some of the dudes in charge of Club Loose and asked if I could come out and shoot a little… if we had time.


DKAR-Since we were on a business trip, I didn’t bring the usual arsenal of track photo equipment I usually travel with. Instead, I packed the slowest focusing camera I own, and 2 short lenses because I planned on sneaking off and shooting some abandoned hospital stuff when the wife wasn’t looking… and of course, if I had time. I was worried we wouldn’t be able to make it to Fall Moves on Saturday because we had a meeting scheduled, but that was canceled.


DKAR-104So, we went to Fall Moves. It was awesome, other than the morning rain, and racking up a bunch of toll road fees that will show up in the mail… stupid Jersey. I didn’t know anybody, never been to the track, didn’t know what to expect. It is not the first time AmDrift has been to a Club Loose event. Our girl Melissa Yeo has covered a couple of Club Loose events, and also driven them. But, this is the very first time I’ve ever been to a Northeast drift event.


DKAR-78I lived my teen and early adult life as a fan of import drag racing, and Englishtown Raceway was always a place I’ve wanted to visit because it was always in the media. Now that I am heavily involved in drifting, it was a dream come true to finally visit the home of Club Loose where many great drifters learned the ropes and became some of the most popular drifters in the sport today. I’ve been wanting to visit a Club Loose event for years!


DKAR-154I want to thank Matt Petty and Kevin Johnsrud for letting me hang out for a while, and all of the drivers who came to Fall Moves. We will definitely plan a trip around returning for another Club Loose event, possibly Freedom Moves or East Coast Bash. The east coast style is different, and I dig it. I think the world needs more groups like Club Loose… and stores like Wawa.

Enjoy the gallery of track photos.


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