Monsters of Sikky – Dan Savage’s RX8 and James Evans’ 350z

Drifting is about making your mark. You have to find a way to set yourself apart from all the other drivers and cars. 2 guys that manage to do just that, are Rapper Dan Savage and James Evans from the Sikky Manufacturing camp, who both came into Formula Drift this year with 2 cars that you definitely cannot miss. These guys saw success in the Pro 2 series with James taking a podium in Texas, and Dan taking home the Pro 2 overall championship. Besides the setup, which would obviously be tailored to either Dan or James, the cars are extremely similar.

Club Loose – Fall Moves – October 4, 2014

Flashback to a few weeks ago, Tuesday September 30. My wife and I were somewhere over Texas on a Jet Blue flight heading to New York to handle some business. I was facebooking via free wifi, bored, scrolling through upcoming events. “Fall Moves” at Old Bridge Township Raceway Park on October 4th comes up. I thought to myself, anything called “_____ Moves” is a Club Loose event. With nothing but time to burn, I checked out the event location in relation to where we were going to be, and it was only 2 hours away.

What It Takes Part 2: All The Small Things

As we learned in the last article, a beast of a machine under your foot is required to run Formula Drift. Formula D isn’t a place where your 500whp car can make it, unless you have some serious skill or a beefy setup with enough grip that allows you to change the Earth’s rotation at any given time. But, it’s not just the car that makes you successful in Formula D, you have to know everything behind the scenes. It’s more than just hopping in the car and driving. As a follow up to the first “What It Takes” article, I decided to go deeper with the drivers and show a little more behind the scenes, and how dedicated you have to be in order to run a season of Formula Drift.

Streetwise Drift: Pro Am Round 4 – Sept 27 -28, 2014

Like many other Pro Am series across the country, Streetwise Drift recently wrapped up their 2014 series during a two day event in late September at Metrolina Expo in Charlotte, NC. A total of three licenses were available for the newly formed Formula Drift Pro 2 Series. About half a dozen drivers were in contention for these licenses coming into this event.

Formula Drift Irwindale – Top 32 to Podium – October 11, 2014

We joined Formula Drift at Irwindale Event Center to cover the final round of the 2014 championship. As everybody prepared for battle, the question around the pits, stands, and everywhere in general, is who would hold on to win Round 7? Would a rogue driver put a wrench in Chris Forsberg or Fredric Aasbo’s fight for the championship title? Would Forsberg and Aasbo meet in the very end to battle it out in one of the most epic drift battles in history? Who would come out on top? That’s what we came to find out.