A Spectator’s View – Formula Drift Irwindale – Oct 10, 2015

Every year in California, we Californians are so lucky to have two Formula Drift events each year. I am glad that I live in the central California where drifting events happen to be in 4 hours north, or 4 hours south. Formula Drift is one of my favorite “I GOT TO GO” drift events. No matter what the circumstances are, each year, I plan to attend both Long Beach and Irwindale.

Street Driven Tour – Sept 26, 2015

Once in a while an event comes around our part of the country that promotes nothing but fun, and that’s what Street Driven Tour is all about. I missed 3 of the 4 events this year, so my wife and I headed out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the final Street Driven Tour of the 2015 year with partners Vegas Drift and StanceWars. It was nothing but hanging out, drifting, sweet show cars, and drift games that not many organizers bring to the table. Street Driven Tour in Vegas was THE must attend event for many west coast drivers, and a few popular names from afar.