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People often wonder what the “Am” in “AmDrift” means. AmDrift means Amateur Drift. We first started AmDrift.com in 2012 with the intention to cover ProAm and grassroots drifting events, but we quickly added pro coverage as our friends moved on to Formula Drift. Now, we do it all. AmDrift.com strives to provide detailed amateur and professional drifting event coverage.

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that most media outlets are focused on big league motorsports, who is popular, who has the most big money sponsors on their car, and often forget to cover the up and coming guys who keep those series running. Grassroots and Pro Am drifting coverage is a void we aim to fill with every single event we attend. We give you what you want when it comes to grassroots, Pro Am, and professional drifting and drivers who care about grassroots drifting!