Super Street x Hardcore Cali Invasion – August 9, 2015

D, a man on a mission. His objective? To bring the lost culture of Japanese car enthusiast style to the states. Style? Indeed! Style and quality not only limited to only drif,t but to the entire Japanese car scene. Simplified, his mission is to bring quality, excitement and thrill back into the genre of cars. Events have become too structured, which I understand can affect the quality of experience with drivers and participants.

Sonoma Drift – September 25, 2013

It had seemed like much of the grassroot drift events have gone and passed. The young sport was gaining a lot of momentum just about everywhere here in California, but slowly it began to create a contradictory flow of ideas and perception due to its youthful existence. Drifting is a commonly misunderstood fascination. Many of … Read moreSonoma Drift – September 25, 2013

Kenny Chieu’s Drift Toyota MR-S

Many people today would probably describe the drifting scene a Nissan dominant sport, but diversity in obsession is growing, especially in the professional sector. So how important is diversity in motorsports? Tremendous! Each manufacturer, make, and model comes from a unique background. The diversity has helped the sport grow considerably on the professional level, but … Read moreKenny Chieu’s Drift Toyota MR-S

Golden Gate Drift Round 2 – May 19, 2013

On a cool Sunday morning in Northern California at Stockon99 Raceway, a crew gathered together and scrambled about in the early hours of the day. Some were on the track driving about placing cones, while others worked the front of the track helping the Stockon99 staff sort out the crowds. As cars began roll in, … Read moreGolden Gate Drift Round 2 – May 19, 2013

Robin Webber’s LS2 powered S13 240sx

A common sight today in the drifting community, are your usual Japanese cars fitted with roaring American muscle power plants. Now whether you agree or not with the decision of dropping an American power plant into a popular Japanese chassis, just continue reading and maybe you too will understand why many have decided to embrace … Read moreRobin Webber’s LS2 powered S13 240sx