Super Street x Hardcore Cali Invasion – August 9, 2015

D, a man on a mission. His objective? To bring the lost culture of Japanese car enthusiast style to the states. Style? Indeed! Style and quality not only limited to only drif,t but to the entire Japanese car scene. Simplified, his mission is to bring quality, excitement and thrill back into the genre of cars. Events have become too structured, which I understand can affect the quality of experience with drivers and participants.


2D’s style is simple. Go hard and bring it!


IMG_7451The drifting was simple; drivers lined up and drove. Drive as hard as you want and often as you can. There were no groups no lunch schedules. Just drive.


1The car scene was elegant and the builds were nothing short of quality and detail.


IMG_6690Many may have thought to themselves, “lost”? Is the Japanese car culture truly lost? You may actually be surprised that there is a great contrast between actual Hardcore car culture compared to what we have in the states. Unfortunately, there is another time where I will elaborate on D’s opinions of the true style of hardcore.

Thanks D,
-Chonh Lee.


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