Golden Gate Drift Round 2 – May 19, 2013

1On a cool Sunday morning in Northern California at Stockon99 Raceway, a crew gathered together and scrambled about in the early hours of the day. Some were on the track driving about placing cones, while others worked the front of the track helping the Stockon99 staff sort out the crowds. As cars began roll in, the crew worked diligently, as tech was thorough.

2Off to the driver’s meeting it was. High for the day? 87 degrees, Northwest winds at 22mph; quite a blessing from the weather gods for the month of May!

3Luke Crowell addressed the drivers, and braced them for the one of the most exciting course to be thought up by the Golden Gate Drift Pro-Am judges Matt Field, Patrick Mordaunt,  and Kevin Wells. The crowd dispersed quick, and it was off to practice.

4Eager to enter the track, Nick “The Biggest Friggin Wing there” Bayati lined up and ready to rock and roll!


6As practice began, many drivers discovered how tough the course actually was. And to a few, the hard way.

7But not all hope was lost. Although the course had devoured a few cars, some were able to escape its grasp and survived to drift another day.

8As qualifying was underway, driver skill began to show, as each of the qualifiers started to accumulate scores.

9Number one qualifier, Chris Mills, scores 82 points!

10Matthew Coffman, coming all the way from Oregon, qualified with 80 points.

11Jeff Wolfson scored 77 points one handed! Just kidding, but he did drift out of there with a burger in hand. True story.

12Joe Farasati scored a 74 in his MK3 Supra.

13Josh McGuire qualified with a 72.

14Dave Forman with his LS1 powered WRX wagon, scored a 68.

15Donovan Brockway also scored and identical score of 68.

16Joshua Sher qualified with a 55.

17Ty Milner scored a 54.

18Faruk Kugay qualified with an identical score of 54.

19Nick Bayati scored a 49.

20Wais Samad qualified 12th with a 31.

21Battles began, as there was only 12 qualifiers. Highest scoring drivers received bye runs.

22Chris Mills gets a bye run.

23First battle of Golden Gate Drift Round 2, Donovan Brockway versus Joshua Sher.

24Donovan Brockway hits the wall hard, taking him out of the competition. Joshua Sher moves on to do battle with points leader Chris Mills.


26Joe Farasati gets a bye run.

27Josh McGuire versus Wais Samad.

28Josh McGuire spins out during his chase run, giving Wais Samad the win.


30Matthew Coffman, second qualifying leader, also receives a bye run.

31Dave Forman versus Ty Milner.

32Dave Forman wins by decision.

33Jeff Wolfson also received a bye run.

34Nick Bayati versus Faruk Kugay.

35Faruk Kugay and Nick Bayati both had their shares of spinning out during each of their runs, leading to a 1 MORE TIME. Second time around, Nick Bayati wins by decision.

36Chris Mills versus Joshua Sher.

37Both battled fiercely as the two took to a 1 MORE TIME, eventually giving the win to Chris Mills.

38Joe Farasati versus Wais Samad.

39Joe Farasati spins out during lead, run giving Wais Samad the win.

40Matthew Coffman versus Dave Forman.

41Matthew Coffman over corrects and spins out during his chase run, giving the win to Dave Forman.

42Jeff Wolfson versus Nick Bayati.

ggdriftrd22013066Jeff Wolfson unfortunately ran uncontrollably shallow lines during lead and chase runs, giving Nick Bayati the win.

44Chris Mills versus Wais Samad.

45Chris Mills and Wais Samad both spun out during their runs, leading to a 1 MORE TIME! Chris Mills wins the 1 more time and moves on.

46Dave Forman versus Nick Bayati.

47Nick Bayati puts up a great fight, but the win goes to Dave Forman.

48Nick Bayati versus Wais Samad for third place.

49Wais Samad spins out, and gives the third place podium to Nick Bayati.

50Golden Gate Drift Round 2 Championship run, Chris Mills versus Dave Forman.

51The two drivers drove valiantly, taking the championship run to 1 MORE TIME!

52The second run gives the win to Dave Forman.

53Northern California’s AE86 all star, Alveen Gideon, was absent in his mean little red machine, but played a good sport in showing the competition that he still got moves up his sleeves without his car.


55Third Place winner of round 2 goes to Nick Bayati.

56Second place winner Chris Mills!

57First place winner Dave Forman!

58There were also bonus prizes from Aeromotive, Sparco, RC Electric, and Daft Innovations for INSANE ENTRY AWARD!!! But, Dave Forman snatched all of them up! Congrats Dave Forman!

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