Sonoma Drift – September 25, 2013

1It had seemed like much of the grassroot drift events have gone and passed. The young sport was gaining a lot of momentum just about everywhere here in California, but slowly it began to create a contradictory flow of ideas and perception due to its youthful existence. Drifting is a commonly misunderstood fascination. Many of us who are familiar with drifting understand that it takes a lot of time and dedication comparable to other motorsports.

2Drifting is a blossoming passion. It takes time to appreciate and reflect, just as any other fascination. Until you get to that moment of clarity, you surely are missing out on a whole lot of excitement. The misconception of drifting would probably be due to its poorly maintained perception of vehicles, and its perceived unsophisticated crowd. Missing body pieces and wall imprinted outer decor are what most drifting enthusiasts would consider trophies or benchmarks of the learning curve of the sport. Though undesirable in many other motorsports, one must understand that it is not like any other. The culture of drift is incomparable. This should clarify the unsophisticated perception of enthusiasts. The target of every infatuation is the promise of excitement. Drifting offers nothing short of delightful senses…. the sight of a car sliding across the tarmac in a beautifully controlled line, the sound of roaring horsepower breaks the silent air, and the smell of burning rubber created by friction in search of grip.

3Though much of the anticipated support from other motorsports in drifting is on a decline, the sport refuses to exist unrecognized. It continues to grow. Unwilling to be impeded by popular disbelief, this is an imminent motorsport and drifting will exist no matter what. The stages of its growth have already been implemented onto the national stage, its popular support comes of fellow event organizers and promoters of the adolescent levels of participants.

4To shed the spot light on one group in particular who has been actively working and conducting the future of drifting, I present to you, Sonoma Drift. The Sonoma Drift team organizes the weekly events at Sonoma Raceway, which takes place on just about every Wednesday with the exception of greater events on the schedule. The Sonoma Drift staff consists of 12 individuals which help with planning and promoting events. With the help of Sonoma raceway, Lino Ramos and his Sonoma Drift team put on amazing “Must Be There” Wednesday nights. Together, Sonoma Raceway and Sonoma Drift have plans to help the motorsport grow. There are greater plans for the future of drift in the works at Sonoma Raceway

5It should come to no surprise that event rosters are filled almost immediately when these episodes are scheduled. As depressing as that maybe sensible, when these gatherings transpire they are nothing short of PURE AWESOMENESS.

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