Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day – Anaheim, CA – August 1st, 2015

Nitto Tire once again hosted its Auto Enthusiast day at Angel Stadium on Saturday August 1st, 2015. While the Angels were busy getting smacked by the Dodgers across town, the parking lot of Angel Stadium was filled with cars from all walks of life. Tuners, muscle, old school and new were all in attendance for this celebratory day of car culture. Amidst all the cars parked for admiration, a dedicated skid pad was set up for demos by stunt bikes, trucks, and Formula Drift drivers.

Formula Drift – Atlanta – Top 32 – May 9, 2015

I’m just gonna be honest and say Round 1 of Formula Drift in Long Beach, California was good, but many fans and media had predictions and expectations that never happened, and many walked away feeling that drivers could have went a little faster, ran the wall closer, and changed the entire outcome of their battles with just one shift or wall tap. This is where Formula Drift Round 2 came in and made Round 1 a thing of the past. You wanna talk about upsets, exciting runs, and an event wrapped up into one big rowdy trackside party? Well, that’s what Formula Drift at Road Atlanta this past weekend was all about. Sit back as we recap the Top 32 battles of Formula Drift Round 2 – Road to the Championship.

Matt Field: From David to Goliath

A lot of hype has been surrounding a young man out of San Jose, California ever since October 13th, 2012. That was the night Matt Field made a lasting impression on Formula Drift. After 4 intense runs against one of the world’s most widely known drifters, Daigo Saito, Matt was defeated. But, the crowd at Irwindale Speedway and the internet went wild for days, even weeks after. It still gets brought up to this day how the privateer out of Nor-Cal almost took out one of the toughest competitors Formula Drift has ever seen.

Formula Drift Media Day – April 7, 2015

Formula Drift is like summer camp. Everyone sees and keeps up with each other for 6 months out of the year, and then its all over and everyone has to go back to their “normal” lives for the remaining time. Hugs and high fives all around as everyone is reunited and gets to catch up with their friends. With that said, Formula Drift is the best summer camp around.