NM Drift Series Round 3 – May 24, 2014

BubbaPrice1Motiva Speedway hosted the third round of the NM Drift Series in Albuquerque, New Mexico on May 24th. Drivers of all skill levels attended for seat time on the skid pad and main course, and for those wanting to go door-to-door the night ended with a random tandem competition with a cash prize for each battle rather than the traditional bracket structure.


BenReyes1Ben Reyes was smooth and consistent throughout the evening in his turbocharged Miata.


BenReyes2And it’s no wonder why. Ben is a veteran Formula D driver that came out for a few laughs.


DarrenMadrid1Darren Madrid was laying down clean run after clean run too. He’s a New Mexico native that’s been drifting for 5 seasons and Motiva Speedway is his home track.


DarrenMadrid2Darren is starting to branch out to other tracks in the region. Last season he attended Drift Week at Colorado’s Pikes Peak International Raceway. As is the case with most grassroots drifters he hopes to continue experiencing new tracks and racing with new drivers if time and funds permit.


RyonBrock1Ryon Brock was ripping around with his freshly reworked SR20DET thanks to Emphasis Motorsports, who got his S14 ready the night before the event.


RyonBrock2However he was driving without power steering which proved to be a little tricky.


RyonBrock3Coming out of the last corner during a tandem Ryon caught some unexpected understeer and stuffed it in to the wall. Darren immediately turned around to see if Ryon and his passenger were alright. Everyone checked out fine and Ryon’s S14 just acquired a new battle scar.


AnthonyCiocca1Speaking of battle scars Anthony Ciocca was hanging it out and scraping the wall in the #OfficialMissile from Team Full Lock.


RafaelCastellanos1Rafael Castellanos was also shaking down his S14 with a new suspension setup. He said it felt great after playing in the puddles on the skid pad.


Group1As the sun set those that wanted a chance to win some gas money lined up for the random tandem battles. For the rest of the coverage from the event check out the gallery below. Please like, share, and tag AMDrift to your heart’s content. We put in the work because we love the sport!

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  1. There are only 2 events left before No Coast Drift Party V (five).
    They are on Sunday June 21st and Friday July 17th 2015
    Both dates are competitions.
    Skid pad opens at 4pm, tech at 6pm sharp, drivers meeting at 6:30pm, practice starts a 6:45pm, competition at 8pm.
    65 bucks to drive, 10 bucks to spectate.
    Bring cool cars and you can park them inside by the stands.

    NO COAST DRIFT PARTY V featuring Round 5 of the VEGASDRIFT ProAm Southwest Drift Series
    Saturday September 5th and Sunday September 6th 2015.
    Details pending on the biggest and raddest No Coast Drift Party ever.

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