Formula Drift Atlanta Qualifying Results – May 9, 2014

DKAR2568The team hit Formula Drift Round 2 at Road Atlanta for a crazy 3 days of drift coverage. We chilled with the rookies, caught up with the pros, and enjoyed some good old drifting with the party hard Southern crowd that never fails to show up. We have got to say, the best crowd on the Formula Drift circuit, is easily the Atlanta crowd. Everyone who travels Formula Drift, would most likely agree.


DKAR4676Qualifying was wet. When we say wet, we mean probably the most rainfall that we have ever shot anything in. Being at Road Atlanta, which is a real race track with grass edges, the track quickly turned into an ice rink with spots of slick mud. In our opinion, a wet track really ruins competition drifting for us…not that it lacks skill to control a car in the wet, but because there is no smoke in the rain, and that’s half of what makes the sport fun! But, given the lack of dry conditions, it was interesting, sometimes hilarious, to watch the great Formula Drift drivers attempt to put together some good qualifying scores.


calsssshen-3720A whopping 56 cars were on the Road Atlanta grounds with intent to compete. If you understand how an FD competition works, you know that you must make it in the Top 32 to make it to the big show. A huge portion of the grid failed to make it into Top 32, but that’s ok, we still show them some love. Here are the Formula Drift Round 2 qualifying results with a photo of every driver/car… every single one of them.


DKAR4199Check out some photos from qualifying and paid practice day!


DKAR18131. Forrest Wang – 83


_DSC62922. Tyler McQuarrie – 80


calsssshen-39463. Vaughn Gittin Jr. – 80


_DSC82084. Ryan Tuerck – 80


_DSC67395. Chris Forsberg – 78


_DSC68666. Chelsea Denofa – 78


DKAR13577. Ken Gushi – 78


_DSC64968. Fredric Aasbo – 77


calsssshen-39319. Conrad Grunewald – 77


DKAR575910. Jhonnattan Castro – 77


DKAR413411. Kenneth Moen – 75


_DSC552012. Kuniaki Takahashi – 74


DKAR500113. Odi Bakchis – 74


_DSC647814. Justin Pawlak – 73


DKAR386415. Kyle Mohan – 72


DKAR219516. Daigo Saito – 72


_DSC688617. Danny George – 71


_DSC641618. Darren McNamara – 71


DKAR196019. Pat Goodin – 71


calsssshen-437820. Mike Essa – 70


DKAR385721. Charles Ng – 70


DKAR404122. Dai Yoshihara – 69


DKAR470223. Dean Kearney – 69


calsssshen-382424. Marc Landreville – 68


DKAR382525. Matt Field – 65


_DSC702726. Ryan Kado – 65


calsssshen-387327. Alec Honnadell – 64


DKAR380228. Rapper Dan Savage – 63


DKAR471629. Pat Mordaunt – 62


calsssshen-381030. Geoff Stoneback – 62


DKAR223331. Robbie Nishida – 61


DKAR452032. Jeff Jones – 61


calsssshen-373333. Andy Hateley – 61


DKAR186234. Matt Coffman – 61


_DSC664135. Carl Rydquist – 60


calsssshen-389936. Mats Baribeau – 60


DKAR528037. Joon Maeng – 58


_DSC872138. Brandon Wicknick – 58


_DSC586639. Miro Ovcharik – 54


DKAR521240. Karl Osaki – 54


_DSC606441. Taka Aono – 53


calsssshen-389342. Dennis Mertzanis – 53


DKAR195243. Nate Hamilton – 51


_DSC737944. Eric Hill – 49


_DSC603745. Ron Ewerth – 48


DKAR205146. Chris Jeanneret – 0


_DSC570947. Jeff Wolfson – 0


_DSC704748. James Evans – 0


DKAR338149. Tyler Wolfson – 0


_DSC552450. Josh Steele – 0


DKAR332251. Rob Primo – 0


DKAR319452. Will Parsons – 0


DKAR347253. Chris Mills – 0


calsssshen-379454. Dan Brockett – 0


DKAR323255. Dave Briggs – 0


DKAR999956. Tony Angelo – 0


Be sure to come back and check out our Atlanta Top 32 to podium report, and our upcoming 2014 Formula Drift rookie article!

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