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We had a chance to spend a day with Tyler Wolfson while he put his freshly wrapped Mazda FD RX7 through some testing at Horsethief Mile this past weekend. The car looks great, as you can see. Check out the new wrap at various angles to a short interview, and let us know what you think!

IMG_5977Amdrift: Tyler, tell us a little about your motor setup, trans, suspension, etc…
Tyler: We run a 13b with a Comp Turbo single turbo, nitrous, and water meth. It gets the power to the wheels through a G-Force Dogbox (stock fd trannies are the worst thing ever). We run Tein coilovers and cut knuckles.

DKAR0729Amdrift: Tell us about your sponsors and how they help you.
Tyler: We don’t have a really long list of partners, but we have the best people behind us. Obviously our title partner is GT Radial. They have been a huge part of our program since last year, and our performance has drastically improved since we started using their tires. They really have gone above and beyond to make sure we are at the events we need to be at and are prepared.

IMG_0625Tyler (continued): RRR Dyno Tuning is a rotary shop in Santa Ana. Nick and Nelson, the two owners, have spent so many long nights getting our car to where it is today. I really can’t thank them enough. It’s hard to find people who not only know what they are doing, but are willing to work til 2am night after night to get a car done so we can go play at the track. Some of our other partners are a little more straightforward… We are working with Comp Turbo, Clutchmasters, Spy Optic, and Fuel Culture.

DKAR0789Amdrift: What events do you plan on running, and how do you plan on performing this year?
Tyler: Everyone thinks we are going to Formula Drift this year, which sucks because we aren’t. As a driver, I feel as ready as I am ever going to be, but we need to make some major upgrades to our RX-7 before it could be competitive, and also we need to get a tire approved for FD before we will even be allowed to compete. GT Radial is absolutely stepping up to the plate, but the timeline required get everything going for FD this year just was not possible. You can expect us to be gunning for rookie of the year in 2014. That means that this year is all about having fun and promoting our partners.

IMG_0538Tyler (continued): I understand that to keep the car on the track, we need partners and we have to represent them and promote their brand’s image, but there is a fine line between being professional and being that a-hole with too many decals on his car that can’t remember why we all started drifting (and I want to make sure I am on the right side of the line). You can expect to see us at every stop of the XDC tour this year as well as some Just Drift and other fun events.

DKAR0757Amdrift: Who is your daddy? Lay it on us.
Tyler: My dad is “the Tom”, and yes all my friends and even some of my sponsors call him that. He has been a huge part of my driving from day 1. I decided I wanted to race cars when I was watching him at Laguna Seca. He has taught me a lot of what I know about cars, and has always been my biggest fan (besides my mom).

IMG_4850Amdrift: Before we go, what about your drifting history? Tell us a little about that.
Tyler: My history is like most other drivers. Saw it, Said F^CK YES I need to do that, bought car, emptied bank accounts, made awesome friends and had the best time ever.


Amdrift: Well, we wish you luck and lots of fun this year Tyler. Thank you for the quick get together!

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