Top Drift Round 3 – June 29, 2014

Top Drift Round 3 was a very difficult round to cope with, for drivers, staff, and media alike. It was extremely hot, breezy, and the sun pounded spirits to a pulp all day long. The main focus seemed to be staying cool and hydrated, while driving and winning came second. The combination of heat and broken spirits had drivers jumping in their tow rigs and heading home the moment they were knocked out of competition.


DKAR1111Top 16 was composed of those who managed to keep their cool on track during qualifying, but making the cut meant they would be sticking around for a couple of more hours in the heat. (Alex Heilbrunn, Donovan Brockway, Tim Cobb, Jef Groff, Jason Kim, Matt Madrigali, Spike Chen, Robin Webber, Brandon Contreras, Kenny Chieu, Blake Olsen, Dan Burkett, Aaron Sly, Joe Tardiff, George Kiriakopoulos, and Cody Sarem)


Top 16


DKAR1130Matt Madrigali vs Jason Kim – Matt Madrigali


DKAR1174Brandon Contreras vs Aaron Sly – Brandon Contreras


DKAR1181Spike Chen vs Kenny Chieu – Spike Chen


DKAR1202Alex Heilbrunn vs Robin Webber – Alex Heilbrunn


DKAR1244Joe Tardiff vs Cody Sarem – Cody Sarem


DKAR1252Donovan Brockway vs Jef Groff – Jef Groff


DKAR1300Dan Burkett vs George Kiriakopoulos – Dan Burkett


DKAR1427Tim Cobb vs Blake Olsen – Blake Olsen


Great 8


DKAR1373Matt Madrigali vs Brandon Contreras – Matt Madrigali


DKAR1399Spike Chen vs Alex Heilbrunn – Alex Heilbrunn


DKAR1497Cody Sarem vs Jef Groff – Jef Groff


DKAR1531Dan Burkett vs Blake Olsen – Dan Burkett


Final 4


DKAR1558Matt Madrigali vs Alex Heilbrunn – Matt Madrigali


DKAR1639Jef Groff vs Dan Burkett – Dan Burkett, Jef Groff wins 3rd place.


DKAR1669Matt Madrigali vs Dan Burkett – Dan Burkett


DKAR18071st place – Dan Burkett
2nd place – Matt Madrigali
3rd place – Jef Groff


DKAR1779The Stealth Custom Fab Insane Entry award went to Alex Heilbrunn!


DKAR1657As soon as Top Drift Round 3 concluded, we jammed out of there faster than ever in search for cooler weather back home. We will be back at Willow Springs Raceway on August 22-23 for Top Drift Round 4.




Enjoy the 2014 Top Drift Round 3 gallery!

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