Event Quickie – Formula Drift Tech Day – March 28, 2015

We knew a couple of our drift buddies would be unveiling some new looks at the 2015 Formula Drift “Tech Day”, and even some new cars, so we took a ride down to the Source Interlink/Super Street Magazine headquarters in Irvine, CA to check them out. We aren’t the type of outlet that digs cars shows or meets, but the turnout was massive, and there were some awesome cars in attendance in addition to the drift cars we were looking for.


DKAR-8963When we arrived, Daigo Saito’s GTR was right in the middle of being wrapped. A large crowd was shuffling in and out of the garage to check it out. We snapped a photo during the beginning stages of the wrapping. The car is amazing, and we can’t wait to see it blast past us sideways at Formula Drift Round 1 – Streets of Long Beach.


DKAR-8986Jeff Jones was the first on the list for an official unveiling, taking the cover off his DNA Motorsports S14. Fresh look, same wheels as previous years, Jeff stays true to his style.


DKAR-8990Ken Gushi’s Greddy Scion FR-S was sitting uncovered for a while. There are tons of photos of this beauty floating around, but here is another. We like the brighter look, and it’ll for sure look great in action shots.


AMDrift_Techday-8Walking around the meet, we came across some cool cars like this BMW 2002.


AMDrift_Techday-9The BMW 2002 has such a rich racing history, and this particular example paid homage to the performance aspect of the chassis, while maintaining that daily driven show car status.


AMDrift_Techday-16It’s not every day you come across an Opel GT. There is something about a small, light car with beautiful body lines that gets us excited. It’s a shame that these are sometimes spotted in junkyards rotting away, waiting to be crushed.


DKAR-9022Returning to the Formula Drift section of the meet after walking the aisles for a moment, the previously Achilles Radial, but now Maxxis Tire Infiniti driven by Charles Ng, had slipped in. It seems like a couple of teams are going for the vivid look this year, and that’s a plus in our book. We like cars that are flashy, colorful, and pop in photos.


DKAR-9044Dave Briggs has always had a great looking car. We’ve been a fan of his S14 since many years ago, and it keeps blowing our minds. The 2015 look just adds to the list of sexy designs the team keeps bringing to the FD paddock.


DKAR-9065We love FD rookies, so waiting for Dan Burkett to slip the cover off his MKIV Supra was something worth sticking around for. Not only does Rad Industries bring a bad ass build to the series, it is a Supra, and it has a sweet look to it.


AMDrift_Techday-14We revisited the Source Interlink garage to check out the progress on Daigo Saito’s wrap. It was getting there, but looked great as it was.


DKAR-9015Upon heading out for the day, we stopped by the Hoonigan stand to say whattup to our homie Hert.


DKAR-9047Hert drove his world famous FC to the event, and then drove it home and ran out of gas on the way there according to his Instagram. Ballin, lol.


AMDrift_Techday-2The 2015 Formula Drift “tech day” was a great way to spend a Saturday lunch time with friends, and stay in tune with drift news. Thanks to Source Interlink/Super Street Magazine for opening their doors.

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