Event Quickie: The Grand Drift Championship Slide Matsuri – May 14, 2016

The Grand Drift Championship of Florida hosted another grassroots effort in Gainesville, FL on May 14, 2016. AutoPlus Raceway was the location of the previous event back in December and The Grand Drift wanted to give the track another go, turning into a very positive turnout for drivers and spectators!


IMG_6737Steve Shafer of Jacksonville, FL always brings a great car and his experience continues to grow. Hopefully we can see him formally compete in events in the future.


Moe Chidiac discussed the layout with the drivers prior to the first cars rolling out around 3pm. The event was slated to run up until 10pm, the 1st night drift event hosted at AutoPlus Raceway. Caged drivers could automatically tandem, however non-caged drivers would have to prove themselves before tandem was approved…


The last event took advantage of not just the front skidpad but also a rear figure-8 course where competition took place. Today’s event was skidpad only, but allowed for a lot of seat time for drivers. The skidpad layout was reversed, which allowed the starting grid to take place closer to the pits. We agreed with the change.


Veteran driver Alex Schlagel of Gainesville had a great day, however did make his mark on a spun lead car during tandem… Time for overfenders!


“Kaoz” has been dialing in his setup for some time now, it’s great to see the car and driver continue to progress.


IMG_6912Sharks exist in Florida. Proof.


Tandem’s started later in the day as the sun started to go down.


IMG_7047Steve Shafer and Alex Schlagel tandem into the 1st turn which carried high-entry speed throughout the day. A few drivers saw the wall here…


Anthony Salciccioli’s S14 ripped it all day long.


For more info on The Grand Drift Championship check them out at http://www.thegranddrift.com and on Facebook. You can catch their next event in June at Immokalee Regional Raceway.

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