No Coast Drift Party 6 – September 3-4, 2016

No Coast Drift Party… still the best drift event I’ve ever been to, and I’ve literally been to hundreds since 2006. Every year we drive out to Albuquerque, New Mexico from Los Angeles, I find myself shooting less and less because am having more and more fun, because the event keeps getting better and better.

There’s just something about the New Mexico drift crowd that attracts me. There’s a mysterious energy within the group that I dig, a divide that actually solidifies friendships, and a ratchet party atmosphere that I anxiously await to be a part of all year long. There are rules, but nobody follows them… yet the event runs as smooth as butter. Everybody has the time of their lives and leave completely bummed that 360-something days will have to pass until they can do it all over again.

Drifting is at it’s purest at No Coast Drift Party. There are no gung-ho gotta have that pro license attitudes, but the drivers are there. There are no cosmetic rules for cars… bumpers or no bumpers, nobody cares as long as you are drifting. Being on a strict diet of Pro and Pro Am events for months at a time with hardly a few days break, I am always ecstatic to get down to the basics and party hard with the folks at No Coast.

Thanks for having us for yet another year. Enjoy the mainly on track gallery.


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