The Comeback Kid – Carl Rydquist

I’ve got a friend named Carl Rydquist I met a few years ago when Redline Time Attack was lively and popular here in the US. Carl has an extensive history and loads of experience in grip driving, and his results in time attack proved that, time and time again. Back then, I knew very little … Read moreThe Comeback Kid – Carl Rydquist

Top Drift Round 4 – August 18, 2012

Last Saturday, Just Drift held its final proam competition of the 2012 season inside the paved oval at Willow Springs Raceway. At the end of round 4, season champs would be crowned, and 6 Formula Drift pro licenses would be awarded. Its been a wild experience for some of the competitors. Lots of mechanical difficulties, … Read moreTop Drift Round 4 – August 18, 2012

Top Drift Round 3 (massive gallery) – July 27-29 2012

Last Friday, the AmDrift team headed out to Rosamond, CA for round 3 of Just Drift’s proam series, Top Drift. It gets pretty warm out in the Cali desert this time of year, so it’s great that round 3 and round 4 are held at night, which makes for a much more lively crowd and … Read moreTop Drift Round 3 (massive gallery) – July 27-29 2012

Top Drift Round 2 – May 26-27 2012

1st place, Forrest Wang. 2nd place, Dan Brockett. 3rd place, Tyler Wolfson. Top Drift Round 2 was held on May 26th and 27th 2012 at Willow Springs on Horsethief Mile track. The launching of AmDrift delayed our coverage, so we would like to provide a summary and gallery for those interested! Top Drift Round 3 … Read moreTop Drift Round 2 – May 26-27 2012