Fresno Tanso w/Garret Turbo video!- July 7th 2012

1introIn the heart of every small town, there are always enthusiasts which crave for the opportunity to unleash agony upon the asphalt. To feed the appetites of the teeming drivers; a distinguished group, Tanso, was able to piece together one the greatest grassroots drift events the central valley has ever experienced. The event was complete with many seasoned and amateur drivers. Just $55 dollars in advance granted drivers 13 hours of seat time and tandems.

2yukioYukio Taira from Garrett By Honeywell, was out and about during the event filming and meeting with eager enthusiasts. “I love the grassroots events, especially since this is where future stars are made and it’s important that companies like Garrett By Honeywell have a pulse on events like that, to really enforce that mentality of developing future racers. It also shows that we care about all types of racers, from weekend grassroots racers to pro level”.

Check out the Garret Turbo video about Cyrus Martinez at Fresno Tanso, by Yukio Taira. Cyrus is a pro, but still very much living the grassroots lifesytle!

3cyrus-martinezSpotted among the crowds unmistakable faces, stood out Top 16 Formula Drift driver, Cyrus Martinez.

dD from SS Auto Power.

tyler-xiongPro Am Tyler Xiong.

billy-hansonPro Am driver Billy Hanson.

cooling-offDrivers piloted their machines over the asphalt continuously throughout the day, bearing through the great Fresno heat. Some managed to find escape, while others took their advantage of some sweet seat time.

tandemTandems were in order. Confident drivers pushed each other throughout the day  and into the night.

img_4975Fresno Tanso hosted great drivers, and crowds gathered around the track every time the seasoned drivers laid out smoke across the track. The exhaust notes were unmistakable.

img_2745The event hosted 45 drivers and a totaled 250 people, a great success! Enthusiasts await the next great event Tanso may have planned in the near future.

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