All Star Bash XII – October 19-21, 2012

All good things usually come to an end. As the weather becomes more unpredictable, we can only say good bye to what we all love the most. The wait begins again as mother nature will give us some time to sit, relax and  collect our thoughts about the passing season. Many of us will say goodbye to familiar faces. Andy Hately, Dan Brockett, Eric Hill, Alex Villabrille, Luke Pakula, Karl Osaki, Brandon Wicknick, Forrest Wang, and Garret Nikolich will go on to bigger and better things. Regardless, we will always be one big drift family. The year end event of all drift has happened and passed. Charlie Ongsingco and his top-notch staff continues to put on the most remarkable events filled with friends, family, and drift! All Star Bash is the event of the year! It continues to gain momentum for the upcoming year.

The Just Drift staff prepared the Streets of Willow for the eager drivers on Friday night.

Early Saturday morning, the cars lie still and the atmosphere unpolluted by the rumbling exhaust notes.

As the track opened, drivers from all levels took control of the Streets of Willow.

Throughout the day, the weather changed more than many individuals did over the course of the event. Personally, it’s always good to hear the ice cream man come around, even if its freezing out.

As night began to ascend upon the track, the crowds began to gather as teams assembled and prepared to claim victory of the legendary Team Tandem Battles of ASBXII!

The battle was fierce! One by one teams began to fall from the competition.

Drift Union was once again crowned the Team Tandem champions of ASB! Not only doesthe team drive gracefully together, they are also the undefeated and undisputed team recognized for their ability to drive as one. Congratulations!

The tandems and drift trains ran early into the morning, but once the last car drove off the Streets of Willows, it was merely a calm before the storm. A mob began to form, with “Fierce Fist Pump Mob Leader”, Matt Field.

The mob strolled up and down the fire lanes as their only means of purpose was “beeeerrr”. No coolers were spared as they were raided and beverages were violently emptied into the bellies of hoard.

The mob continuously celebrated with many toasts, which varied from life in general, to ASBXII, and simply the awesomeness of great people.


No stone was left unturned as the mob directed their attention to starter tower. Needless to say, we were all surprised to not find any alcohol up there.


As we all know, a party is not complete without a proper party bus.

The party quickly shifted into the interior once we made sure the bus was stuffed with the mob.  At max capacity, the bus was able to travel an amazing 10 feet.


Many members of the mob discovered more comfortable headwear to escape the cold.

AMDRIFT’s own, Sheng Lor, encountered a phantom during the march and proceeded to fight it to the death! Lucky for us here at AMDRIFT, she was victorious.

DJ Ryan Bell kept the beats flowing.

In all the madness, Anthony “JEESUZ” Urbano self taught holy man took some time off to heal me, as unfamiliar slurring poured through.

Friends and familiar faces kept the cool winds of Willow Springs warm and inviting. I began to sob as JEEZUS began to preach non-sense again.

Nieko and Mike’s famous mustard dispute would continue to go on early into the morning as the mob flocked away.

The light would come earlier than expected. Many fell victim to the short nights of ASB. Here you can see David resting comfortably.

The familiar rumble and scent of engines and burning rubber once again began to fill the air, as the mob transformed into precision drivers.

The season came to a close asdrivers began to load their trailers and pack up after a memorable weekend.  The laughs and party buses will have to wait till next year once again, but we all know that ASB will always be where everyone is welcomed, and you can wear a cone on your head, look like JEEZUS, lead a thirsty mob, fight a phantom assassin, wear your grandma’s poncho, and argue over mustard without shame.

“IT’S FUCKING ASB!” – Matt Field.

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