2014 Top Drift Round 1 – March 29-30, 2014 (Gallery)

As a precurser to Formula Drift Round 1, Just Drift held its own first competition of the year this past weekend at Willow Springs Raceway in Rosamond, CA. Top Drift Round 1 brought out nearly 60 drivers and cars to compete in the popular Top Drift, which is an official Formula Drift licensing series. From what we saw at Round 1, we are excited to see what the rest of the year brings, because drivers are really stepping it up and the competition is getting crazier and crazier every year.

Sonoma Drift – September 25, 2013

It had seemed like much of the grassroot drift events have gone and passed. The young sport was gaining a lot of momentum just about everywhere here in California, but slowly it began to create a contradictory flow of ideas and perception due to its youthful existence. Drifting is a commonly misunderstood fascination. Many of … Read moreSonoma Drift – September 25, 2013

Drift Practice at Sandia Motor Speedway – August 5, 2012

This past Sunday, August 5th, marked the last practice session at NAPA Speedway in Albuquerque, NM before the big No Coast Drift Party in September. There were some new faces among the locals that came out to try sliding their cars in a safe, controlled learning environment. Lots of smiles and trashed tires equated to … Read moreDrift Practice at Sandia Motor Speedway – August 5, 2012