What It Takes Part 2: All The Small Things

As we learned in the last article, a beast of a machine under your foot is required to run Formula Drift. Formula D isn’t a place where your 500whp car can make it, unless you have some serious skill or a beefy setup with enough grip that allows you to change the Earth’s rotation at any given time. But, it’s not just the car that makes you successful in Formula D, you have to know everything behind the scenes. It’s more than just hopping in the car and driving. As a follow up to the first “What It Takes” article, I decided to go deeper with the drivers and show a little more behind the scenes, and how dedicated you have to be in order to run a season of Formula Drift.

What It Takes – Part 1: Progression

On one hand, drifting is one of the most fun things you can do, if not the MOST fun. But on the other hand, drifting is also one of the craziest things you can do. Once you enter Formula Drift, you’ve probably made the best and one of the most costly decisions of your life. How, might you ask?

INTERVIEW: Matt Coffman

 We had a chance to get with 2014 Formula Drift Rookie, Matthew Coffman, before the season kicked into gear, and…