A Spectator’s View – Formula Drift Irwindale – Oct 10, 2015

Every year in California, we Californians are so lucky to have two Formula Drift events each year. I am glad that I live in the central California where drifting events happen to be in 4 hours north, or 4 hours south. Formula Drift is one of my favorite “I GOT TO GO” drift events. No matter what the circumstances are, each year, I plan to attend both Long Beach and Irwindale.

Event Quickie: Golden Gate Drift Round 4 – Sept 20, 2015

Golden Gate Drift hosted Round 4 of it’s Formula Drift Pro licensing series this past weekend at Thunderhill Raceway, located just minutes outside the Northern California town of Willows surrounded by classic California rolling hills and grassland. This would be the second time we’ve joined Golden Gate Drift at Thunderhill this year, and the second time we’ve been to Thunderhill, ever.

Event Quickie and Gallery: Top Drift Round 4 – August 29, 2015

After a long, tiring, but exciting year of Formula Drift Pro Am, the pro licensing season is quickly coming to an end. Just Drift held their final round of their Formula Drift licensing series, Top Drift, this past weekend at it’s home at Willow Springs Raceway. With the final round of the Southwest Drift series just around the corner this coming weekend, a couple familiar drivers to the Pro Am scene locked in their earnings a series early.

Super Street x Hardcore Cali Invasion – August 9, 2015

D, a man on a mission. His objective? To bring the lost culture of Japanese car enthusiast style to the states. Style? Indeed! Style and quality not only limited to only drif,t but to the entire Japanese car scene. Simplified, his mission is to bring quality, excitement and thrill back into the genre of cars. Events have become too structured, which I understand can affect the quality of experience with drivers and participants.

Nitto Tire Auto Enthusiast Day – Anaheim, CA – August 1st, 2015

Nitto Tire once again hosted its Auto Enthusiast day at Angel Stadium on Saturday August 1st, 2015. While the Angels were busy getting smacked by the Dodgers across town, the parking lot of Angel Stadium was filled with cars from all walks of life. Tuners, muscle, old school and new were all in attendance for this celebratory day of car culture. Amidst all the cars parked for admiration, a dedicated skid pad was set up for demos by stunt bikes, trucks, and Formula Drift drivers.

Whiskey Garage Drift Series Round 4 – July 17, 2015

Round 4 of the Whiskey Garage Drift Series was a weird one for the drivers in Albuquerque. Between blown motors, smashed chassis’, and general mechanical issues, less than 16 drivers made it out to Sandia Motor Speedway to slide. Nonetheless, with a party animal like Dan Brockett at the helm, those that did show up to drive had a ton of fun with lots of seat time and tandem opportunities. When the time came for the competition, the regular method of bracketing was thrown out the window and replaced with the tried and true roshambo.